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“Eighty percent of the daily moves in U.S. stocks are machine-led….

The phenomenon, also called algorithm or algo trading, refers to market transactions that use advanced mathematical models to make high-speed trading decisions.

Many believe that the different sell-off episodes seen throughout 2018 were caused by these machines, as they act on immediate data releases, without taking the time to digest them as humans would.” –CNBC

Read the above story from CNBC very closely and try to absorb the information. This is real, this is true, and this is the new investing world we live in. There is no point in fighting it or complaining. It’s time for you to adjust your investment approach. This is not your Dad’s stock market and it is certainly not your Granddad’s. This is the Millennial market and millennial tools are required to protect capital while still capturing upside and building net worth.

I started this website to educate you, the investing public, about these new realities and it is always nice to see the traditional financial news organizations making an effort. Unfortunately, the effort is usually small. Seems traditional media is content to shill the same old investing axioms that keep you confused and coming back for more in an exhaustive tail chasing attempt to invest with success.

Bottomline: Algorithms dominate stock market behavior in the short to intermediate term. And Because of the volatility this dominance creates long term investing plans can be uprooted. The only way to combat this reality is to incorporate proprietary algorithms into your decision making process. Unfortunately, most individual investors don’t have the time, the capital or the know how to develop such a defense. Enter the ARMR Report!

We at Rosenthal Capital Management have been involved in the Algo revolution for the past 30 years. I began building computer trading models in the 1990s and spent aggressively on R&D over the last 6 years to be able to bring to you the ARMR Report process of investing. Through our affiliation with Interactive Brokers (IB) you can now turn the tables on the stock market elites and put the power of Algos on your side.

In an effort to help you become more comfortable with this new paradigm I will continue to broadcast live on YouTube every day at 12pm for ½ hr as well as produce BlogtalkRadio podcasts for your convenience. Please join me and begin your transformation into the Millennial market. It is time you bring a tank to the gunfight instead of the butter knife you are carrying. What are you prepared to do?!

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