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Welcome to Rosenthal Capital Management, LLC

“We are always mining for edge. That’s why we continually enhance our computer technology and maintain a constant quest to increase our accuracy rate…”

— Bret Rosenthal


Rehabilitate investment portfolios by employing proprietary institutional-quality investment algorithms to preserve capital while still capturing the upside. Also, to level the playing field between institutional and individual access to valuable information.


Algorithms are the edge in today’s investing landscape. To most effectively pass this edge to clients we have spent the past five years investing our own time, resources and effort to build dynamic volatility-enhanced algorithms. The result: Our individual investors can benefit from a system that garners equal to or greater than “buy & hope” strategies with less draw. Institutions have access to investing algorithms and platforms that are not made available to individual investors. We enjoy providing the cudgel individuals need to survive, which is why we’re sharing our proprietary technology and algorithmic information.


Rosenthal Capital Management is a family business (father, son and daughter) that specializes in investment portfolio rehabilitation. With eighty years combined experience in advising high net worth individuals at some of the top asset management firms (including Lehman Brothers, Prudential and Wachovia) The Rosenthal Group managed one of the most successful private client businesses in the country at all three firms. The history of the group’s success was chronicled in the book, The Winner’s Circle.

Our principal traders have each individually been investing in financial instruments for 30+ years. Over this extended period of time we built up a treasure trove of knowledge. We continually put that knowledge to use through the employment all manner of equity trading and investing approaches — from traditional long-term investing strategies to stock market day-trading activities. The evolution of this experience helped us develop our lucrative brand of capital management.

In 2005 The Rosenthal Group moved from New York City to Palm Beach, Florida, where it transitioned to Rosenthal Capital Management (RCM). As a firm RCM focused on managing its own family assets, plus those of a handful of long-term relationships. Now, we’re extending ourselves to new clients to answer a need in the marketplace to help investors 1) rehabilitate their portfolios, and 2) learn how to behave in the new financial environment.

To that end, RCM now runs a practice for a select client base to whom we deliver hands-on restructuring of a portfolio. Plus, we teach clients tools and disciplines for successful nest egg protection. This two-pronged approach focuses on effective risk management, a particularly important method given the post-2008 investing environment. [Meet the Rosenthal Capital Management crew.]


Our investing platform is a top-down approach and works as follows…


Employ our volatility specific Long-only Intermediate-term Algorithms.

We apply these to each of the Big Three indices and will be investing in the following ETFs:

◊ S&P500 (SPY)  ◊  NASD100 (QQQ)  ◊  Russell SmallCap600 (IWM)


Deploy our volatility specific Intra-day Hedging Algorithms.

We apply these strategies on the Big Three as needed to even further protect principal and reduce draw.


Once direction has been determined by the Big Three we look to position group ETFs.

We choose the groups our fundamental research department feels are most relevant to an investor’s portfolio.

Our algorithms (specifically designed for each group ETF) then direct our investment dollars.


We now know market direction and group strength so we begin to deploy capital.

We place assets into individual equities based on fundamental information gathered by our research department.


Important: Unlike other investment advisors a significant portion of our capital under management  is our own. Everything you will see, read and watch on this web site impacts our personal capital directly. Investing is not a game to us nor a hobby but instead a passion and a war. For those who are interested (and who we feel are qualified to join us) we offer partnership access to an individual managed account through our affiliation with Interactive Brokers.

Meet the Crew

& join us -- we're family, literally (three of us, anyway)!
Bret Rosenthal

Bret Rosenthal

Principal, Head Trader, Chief Portfolio Rehabilitation Strategist

Bret began his career in the late 1980’s in New York City with Lehman Brothers and moved on to Prudential Securities/Wachovia. During this time he mentored under the watchful eye of his father, Gary Rosenthal, with whom he still works today. The Rosenthal Group managed one of the most successful private client businesses in the country at all three firms, the history of which was chronicled in R.J. Shook’s book, The Winner’s Circle. Bret’s stock trading approach was highlighted in Steve Cawiezell’s book, Expert Trading Systems: Successful Traders Share Their Secrets. 

Bret began building stock trading systems in the late 1990’s. In 2001 he implemented his first successful algorithmic system throughout the Rosenthal Group’s client structure: P.A.C.E. (Proprietary Analyses and Computer Enhancement). While the intervening years have seen the acronym change and the employed tools be exceedingly enhanced, the core of that system lives on in the strategies and systems of today’s Rosenthal Capital Management.

In 2005, Bret and Gary started their own firm, Rosenthal Capital Management, LLC, located in Jupiter, Florida (Palm Beach County).

Listen to Bret describe his professional day trading, swing trading and stock market investing history and current approach in this interview by Steven Cawiezell, host of the Secrets of Successful Trading Systems Podcast.

Gary Rosenthal

Gary Rosenthal

Mentor and Life Long Coach

A graduate from Columbia Graduate School of Business (MBA), Mr. Rosenthal began his career on Wall Street as a security analyst at the United States Trust Company in 1966.

1975 – 1996: Mr. Rosenthal joined Lehman Brothers in 1975 and spent 21 years in a variety of functions including institutional salesman, head of the institutional sales department, and financial consultant for high net worth individuals, trusts, pension plans and foundations.

1997 – 2003: Mr. Rosenthal served as Senior Vice President of Investments plus spent several years on the Chairman’s Council at Prudential Securities.

2003 – 2005: Mr. Rosenthal served as Director of Investments and sat on the Directors’ Council at Wachovia Securities.

At both Prudential Securities and Wachovia Securities Mr. Rosenthal constructed and monitored investment portfolios for high net worth individuals, trusts, pension plans and foundations. His success during those years was highlighted in the book, The Winners Circle.

In 2005 Mr. Rosenthal relocated to Florida where he has played an integral role in the launch and evolution of Rosenthal Capital Management.

Michele Rosenthal

Michele Rosenthal

CCO, Director of Corporate Communications

Michele possesses over 25 years of experience in public relations and marketing from a wide array of industries including finance, publishing, education, entertainment and personal development. Responsible for all marketing, public relations and investor relations activities at Rosenthal Capital Mangement her focus includes internal and external planning, plus development and implementation of all  strategies, communications and programs.

Michele is also an award-nominated author of multiple books, journalist, speaker and certified professional coach (plus one helluva salsa dancer!).

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